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Continuous promotion of your accommodation, products, and travel destination in the heart of the Netherlands

Welcome to Portale Magico. This unique location at the Oude Gracht in the centre of Utrecht, at less than an hour's drive from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague, offers you the opportunity to promote your accommodation, products, and/or travel destination during the entire year. Portale Magico is the alternative for the Vakantiebeurs and many other mass promotion events. 

Portale Magico: the unique promotion centre

Portale Magico is a shop, tasting location, and promotion centre at the same time. A place where consumers, as well as travel professionals, resellers, and agents, can walk in on a daily basis. We sell our partners’ products, such as wines, cheeses, olives, and oils. At the same time, visitors can find information about the wonderful accommodations and travel destinations where the products we sell originate from. And even more special: we organise tasting events and dinners in our beautiful wharf cellar. 


Portale Magico partner plan 

A unique opportunity to strengthen and expand your network


Home base in the Netherlands: physical presence in the heart of the Netherlands



Attention to your accommodation and products an exclusively decorated, permanent, recognisable place in the wharf cellar where you can display your promotion material


Promotion team: a well-trained promotion team will actively promote your accommodation and products 



Earn back your costs: your products are sold in the Portale Magico shop, allowing you to earn back your costs


Strengthen your relations: invite your own relations; you can have the wharf cellar exclusively at your disposal for a couple of days



Expand your name recognition: the Portale Magico shop is open 6 days a week and visitors will spontaneously get acquainted with your products and/or accommodation every single day.


Exclusive tasting event: do you sell wines, exclusive dishes, or other delicatessen? Then you can also bring your own staff and invite your business relations for a unique tasting event. 



Service: we can also organise these tasting events, with your own products, for you.

Open 6 days a week, at the heart of the shopping district of Utrecht, an experience for anyone who likes traveling and an international cuisine. A unique opportunity to strengthen and expand your network. Portale Magico is a sure way to make successful deals.


Want to become a partner?

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